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With growers gearing up to plant large winter crop acreages into high levels of soil moisture, the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) has released the 2012 leader table for rust responses by variety... The annual report lists rust responses across the range of Australian commercial wheat and triticale varieties and now includes vulnerabilities to leaf and stem rust as well as stripe rust... Rusted plant samples can be mailed to PBI for analysis in paper envelopes (do not use plastic wrapping or plastic lined packages)...
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Royal Society honours rust researcher.. The CSIRO's Dr Jeff Ellis has been made a fellow of the world's oldest academy of sciences, The Royal Society in the UK, for his long-running research into the world's oldest agricultural scourge - rust disease of cereals... [Photo (left) by Brad Collis: Dr Jeff Ellis] Dr Ellis was nominated for research on the genetic basis of immunity to rust and for isolating the first rust resistance genes (from flax and maize) cloned anywhere in the world...
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