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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
Ocean links bring new clarity to cliamte forecasts.. Ground Cover writer Asa Wahlquist looks at recent advances in climate research, in particular important new insights into the role of the Indian Ocean.. Climate models promise a step-change in weather forecasts..
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Australia finished 2007 with nearly average rainfalls the timing of these events meant that many winter crops missed out on in-season falls By Rebecca Thyer When it comes to rain, timing is everything, something that many growers can attest to after missing out on crucial in-season rains last year, only to have them fall at harvest time... Dr David Jones, head of climate analysis at the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) National Climate Centre, says the irony of 2007 is that the year as a whole ended with almost average rainfalls across the eastern and southern states - it just fell at the wrong time. ".. Dr Jones says the dry conditions were not linked to the late onset of La Ni a, a weather event normally associated with increased rainfall during winter. "..
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Department of Agriculture and Food 2011 Agribusiness Crop Updates Western Australia.. In summary, all of the growers that have purchased mouldboard ploughs have been very happy with the performance of ploughed paddocks during 2010... In summary, improved crop water use e ciencies during the 2000s have bene tted from the carryover of technological improvements from the previous decade...
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