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Dr Ben Trevaskis from CSIRO is looking at the traits that contribute to frost tolerance... Dr Trevaskis says there is strong evidence that some variants of these genes in wheat that control the time of flowering in response to cold (the vernalisation period) are also active in providing frost tolerance... Dr Trevaskis is optimistic that SQP Revenue could be a source of improved frost tolerance, but says there will not be overnight results: "We probably won't get a frost solution from Australian wheat lines, at least for the type of frosts like those we saw in Greenethorpe in 2013...
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Material will help breed locally-adapted wheat.. Australian wheat breeders have been presented with a smorgasbord of genetic material which will allow them to breed new varieties with flowering times specifically adapted to different production areas... Dr Trevaskis said the new wheat lines were being evaluated by the CSIRO this year in field trials at locations including Merredin...
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