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New wheat changes weed management options.. James Clark, Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) northern panel chair said Elmore CL Plus , a new Clearfield wheat released by Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) gives growers another tool to combat problem weeds... "There is a discount in moving from a prime hard to hard variety but it may be worth it for the opportunity to reset the system, control weeds and use residual chemicals in the fallow, a practice that would normally lock growers out of wheat that year," he said...
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The canola and wheat were respectively graded as Canola 1, and HI, H2 and APW, but the dry conditions and frost in spring downgraded five per cent of the wheat to GP and all the barley to feed quality... Overall, yields were wide-ranging, but quality was mostly good... Overall, quality was good, with barley and wheat respectively graded F1 and ASW...
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