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Sulfoxaflor is currently being assessed by the APVMA and may be registered in mid 2012 with the trade name Transform@" Insecticide... Data presented shows that sulfoxaflor is effective on oat aphid at rates between 12-24 g ai/ha... The paper presents data from three field trials showing the efficacy of sulfoxaflor on oat aphid in Western Australian cereals from 2008 to 2009...
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The potential of fluid fertilisers for broadacre cropping in Australia.. The potential of fluid fertilisers for broadacre cropping in Australia < Keep browsing 0 Responses to The potential of fluid fertilisers for broadacre cropping in Australia.. Log in or register to leave a comment...
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Grain growers in the southern cropping region can look forward to better access to advisers and off-farm resources as communications technology makes its way onto more farms in coming years... "With high speed internet connection, the options include video conferencing which means farmers can talk to their business advisers, their agronomist and their machinery resellers in a face-to-face way, live, just like you would have an ordinary conversation," Dr Lamb said at a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) grains research Update... "Using the technology generating data, including yield data from a harvester monitor, or nutrient maps or soil moisture maps, the services sector can collect that data and information and put it together to provide meaningful advice for growers...
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Currently in broadacre cropping, there is a need to rotate chemicals to mitigate against resistance developing in pests such as RLEM... There is a need for more chemical groups with similar efficacy to the now-banned organochlorines to be registered in broadacre cropping - especially canola... To fit into an IPM framework, there is a need for any potential insecticides to have a high level of specificity...
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