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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The objectives were: management of problem weeds - feathertop Rhodes grass (FTR); weed management in wide-row crops; and improvement of herbicide efficacy under sub-optimal conditions... Tactics and strategies from the project were evaluated and communicated via peer-reviewed articles, updates and field walks and a comprehensive scoping study report was submitted... The same study showed no gains/improvements in glyphosate efficacy by adding fulvic acid, contrary to the claim being made by a couple of CQ growers...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (South)
Gross margins achieved on-farm for wheat in 2011 may have been lower than shown in Table 2... The gross margin calculations depicted in Figure 5 assumed that canola yielded 50 % of wheat at that site in that year... In comparing while many farm decisions are made intuitive versus logical analytical under the influence of a DSS which provide learning reasoning he suggests the either/or approach to on a topic, they are not necessarily used every time the dichotomies is destructive and goes on to say a decision is made...
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Catalogue: GRDC Media
Young champs paint bright picture of grains industry.. Image of Diana George, Jessica Kirkpatrick, Rebecca Thistlethwaite and Daniel Fox, winners of the Art4Agriculture Young Farming Champions program... Caption: Winners of the GRDC-sponsored grains sector section of the 2014 Art4Agriculture Young Farming Champions program are (from left) Diana George (Nevertire, NSW), Jessica Kirkpatrick (Beaufort, Victoria), Rebecca Thistlethwaite (Narrabri, NSW), and Daniel Fox (Marrar, NSW)...
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