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GRDC western panel chairman Peter Roberts said the three-year investment would reduce the threat of future fungicide shortages, and help farmers manage fungicide resistance and potential regulatory changes... "The project will deliver fungicides with new modes of action, or 'actives', to help growers control diseases such as barley powdery mildew, which has reduced the yield potential of many Western Australian barley crops in 2011," he said... "The new GRDC investment will deliver two new pulse and two new cereal fungicide registration packages of new modes of action, to help the Australian grains industry manage current and future fungicide resistance threats," he said...
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Growers do not have access to varieties with resistance to the key exotic pests and disease... The project will proceed in two phases... The project is about optimizing pesticide sprayapplications by: identifying spray technologies and spray settings with low risk of spraydrift, applying pesticides in accordance with latest knowledge about pest behaviour in response to pesticides andtherefore minimizes the risk of target pests developing resistance, and by using pesticides with documented efficacyagainst target pests...
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Fungicide resistance is to stay -- need to manage existing and introduce new fungicides... Need to used IPM principles -- use resistant cultivars, maintain crop hygiene, use fungicides responsibly... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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