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Sulfoxaflor is currently being assessed by the APVMA and may be registered in mid 2012 with the trade name Transform@" Insecticide... Data presented shows that sulfoxaflor is effective on oat aphid at rates between 12-24 g ai/ha... R. padi numbers were assessed by counting the number of aphids on 10-20 randomly selected tillers depending on the trial...
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PHOTO: Cox Inall Communications "Challenging" is how New South Wales plant pathologist Dr Andrew Milgate describes the disease pressure last winter and he says the message for cereal growers this season is to be vigilant about root diseases and adopt an integrated approach to disease management... "We need an integrated strategy to tackle winter cereal diseases in southern NSW, because during years like 2015, when we have an early sowing and a wet winter, the conditions are ideal for infection and disease development," he said... "All barley varieties should be monitored for infection, sowing barley on barley should be avoided and if infection is detected growers need to consider fungicide applications to reduce potential yield losses," Dr Milgate said...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Dry or "early" seeding of wheat, when undertaken at appropriate times and seasons, should yield a modest additional profit... The economic outcomes are computed in a particular hypothetical case, and summarised using Prospect Theory... Taking account of prior summer rain, a criterion level of moisture after 31 March which constitutes the break has been computed for all years from 1976 onwards...
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Timely planting of cereals in the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) northern region is crucial this season if winter crops are to maximise the potential of full subsoil moisture profiles... "Once you get into June for planting wheat you're looking at losing yield because hot weather at flowering and grain fill will really knock the crops around and the crop roots won't have time to tap into subsoil moisture reserves," Mr Brill said... Cereal growers are advised to minimise the risk of an early end to the growing season by planting varieties that are medium to quick from sowing to flowering, but they should also keep in mind other criteria such as disease resistance, Mr Brill said...
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