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Western Australian growers will benefit from new research which will help produce wheat varieties containing higher levels of protein and extra 'functionality', without requiring additional fertiliser... Growers who produce wheat with higher protein levels receive a premium for achieving harder wheat grades, used to make products such as yellow alkaline noodles, pan bread, flat bread and instant noodles... "The extra gluten protein gene from Italy will be crossed into Australian bread wheat varieties so that Australian wheat cultivars contain a total of six gluten protein units - leading to a higher percentage of functional protein in wheat end products made from Australian wheat."..
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Image of a soil pit showing lime injection.. Soil pit showing where lime (stained purple) has been injected into the soil... The trial was established in 2001 at South Bodallin in the eastern WA wheatbelt when limesand was injected to a depth of 25 to 30cm, using air to blow the lime down behind a set of deep-ripping tynes...
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