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emu rock

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" GRDC Crop Updates 25-26 February 2013, Western Region, Perth WA. Kevin Young 20 September 2013 Kevin Young, DAFWA, talks about Wheat 2012 NVT trial results and key agronomy issues... Emu Rock in short growing season areas that are likely to yield no more than 2t/ha... Corack where protein may be restricted to APW grade, YLS is a risk but there is a low probability of frost...
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Catalogue: GRDC YouTube channel
" GCTV Extension Files: Wheat Varieties 2014 - WA 02 April 2014 Western Australian cereal specialist Christine Zaicou-Kunesch comments on wheat varieties being sown this season in the west... Additional info at 0.47: GCTV Extension Files: Wheat Varieties 2014 - WA 5.419: Presenter: Christine Zaicou-Kunesch: DAFWA Geraldton 8.92: Mace dominated planting last year and we do not expect that to change in 2014... 14.769: a leaf rust pathotype was discovered in WA last year which may have an impact on 19.21: the resistance ratings of Mace to leaf rust...
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Many cultivars are now more susceptible than before with several cultivars (including Axe, Beaufort, Corack, Derrimut, Mace, AQP Revenue, and Wallup) two or more rating levels more susceptible... Disease It is important that growers understand the resistance/susceptibility of their varieties to the diseases of importance in their region and plan management strategies ... Exceptional dry conditions from July onwards and the hot winds of September and October and were MORE INFORMATION not harvested...
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Drought during grain filling increases dormancy - with irrigation decrease -.. Rainfall during grain filling decreases dormancy -.. Dormancy declines with time after maturity - to variation within and between -..
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Mace has rapidly become the dominant variety in WA for a number of very good reasons and is unlikely to be displaced in the immediate future... Data was sorted by Agzone (see Shackley et al 2012 for map of Agzones of WA), previous crop, subsoil pH, and/or sowing date to look for any specific adaptation of any of the newer varieties compared to Wyalkatchem or Mace... Recent research has also shown that the Spear type wheats (especially Yitpi) are slightly less susceptible to frost damage at flowering than Wyalkatchem types (Ben Biddulph pers...
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