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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
In addition to testing a large number of wheat, barley and canola genotypes for K efficiency, we measured growth and K uptake and partitioning with respect to K supply in the topsoil and subsoil plus the impact of topsoil drying, which frequently occurs in the second part of the season in the Mediterranean climate of the Western Australia wheatbelt... It is absolutely clear that there is a substantial difference in K efficiency among current commercial cultivars and advanced breeding lines of wheat, barley and canola and there is need for targeted field testing of this superb germplasm in connection with established breeding programs to increase the level of K efficiency in the locally-adapted germplasm... K application increased the number of heads/m2 (p<0.01) but not the number of grains per head or the harvest index at West Moora...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Thanks must go to everyone who has submitted papers and presented at the 2004 Agribusiness Crop Updates... There was little graminaceous plant material available on which aphids could survive, so none were recorded in the wheat blocks at either site until the end of August, by which time most plants had reached GS 41-47 (booting)... In order to provide faster data transmission between the web server and the user, graphical presentations (e.g. bar charts) are presented to the user if and only if the user requests...
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