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soil porosity

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New guidelines for managing stock grazing on cultivations show as long as at least two wetting/drying cycles are completed prior to sowing, swelling soils can self-repair and minimise subsequent grain yield loss... "Many growers choose not to graze the fertile cracking clay soils of northern NSW due to concerns about the impact of livestock trampling on soil," Dr Guppy said... "Soil compaction impedes root growth and slows water infiltration, which may potentially increase runoff and erosion...
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A subset of the data showing the effects of stubble cover and grazing on summer water storage is reported ... Infiltrometer measurements taken in autumn 2010 showed that although grazing had reduced infiltration rates relative to the un-grazed control, infiltration in the un-grazed canola paddock surrounding the experiment was just as low... Grain yield of canola (Tawriffic TT sown 15 April 2010) sown over grazing treatments at Temora, and PAW measured at canola maturity on 12 November 2010...
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Vertosol soils reveal dual-purpose potential.. The cracking clay soils of northern NSW may be grazed without detracting from yields.. Tracking collars were used to create a map of 'livestock residence' during the grazed period and clods were collected from 10 to 20-centimetre depth and scanned using CT (soil X-rays) to assess changes in porosity (Figure 1)...
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