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For more info go to 7.16: GCTV Ep#13 Sunflower Harvesting 7.29: Presenter: Kevin Charlesworth Grower & Chairman Aust Sunflower Assoc 7.56: This video will give you some helpful information on how to harvest sunflowers from crop readiness 14.019: all the way through to the final sample that you should achieve... 29.92: When ninety percent of the crop is dry and ten percent of the heads are still green the 35.11: crop is ready to harvest... Unfortunately if you try to harvest over eleven to twelve percent 53.379: you will find it very difficult to set your header as you will get a large amount of straw 58.289: from the stalk and the leaf which will make it very difficult to get a good sample...
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Growing world demand for Italian pasta, plus production constraints in Italy, could significantly boost the prospects for Australia"s developing durum industry, according to the latest Australian Commodities report by the Australian Bureau of Resources and Economics (ABARE)... The report"s findings strengthen GRDC-supported initiatives to expand research into durum growing in Australia... Italy is the world"s largest pasta exporter, accounting for around 53 percent of world exports, which in recent years have been growing at five percent a year...
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To compare yields of varieties in a specific region select Long Term Results from the trial options balloon... Growers in districts at risk of pre-harvest rains are advised to avoid delaying harvest of these varieties... The Eyre Peninsula in autumn but wide Growers are encouraged to dispersal of stem rust in spring is thought maintain this level of resistance and avoid to have originated from a very early sown adopting varieties more susceptible than crop of Kite wheat at Baroota in the Mid Gladius and Yitpi...
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