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A GUIDE TO COMMUNICATION for Farm Families - the essential ingredient to sustaining families and farms is a free publication... If including gripe sessions (which can be valuable), set a time limit (say, 60 seconds); ensure the person states the issue (not attacks the person); give no right of reply; and, if the gripe is brought up three times at separate meetings, consider it a conflict and deal with it ... In the short term, family gatherings to occur at the parents' home...
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New apps set to revolutionise crop management.. Developed by the Australian National Variety Trials (NVT) program and funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), the NVT Long Term Yield Reports App and the Crop Disease Au app are revolutionising growers' abilities to make informed and on-the-spot management decisions to improve productivity and profitability... The disease resistance ratings presented in the Crop Disease Au app have been devised in collaboration with a working group of pathologists from state-based departments, universities and private researchers funded by GRDC and can also be found on the NVT website ...
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IF YOU'RE interested in practical management systems for snails, pick up a copy of a new publication with a ferocious title - Bash 'Em, Burn 'Em, Bait 'Em: A Management Manual on Integrated Snail Management in Crops and Pastures , produced by the SA Research and Development Institute... The information in the book is culled from the results of an intensive research investment by the GRDC, SA Grains Industry Trust and other organisations to find answers about the life cycle and management of snails... Farmers who have successfully managed snails share their experience and knowledge...
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