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fluid application

Catalogue: Ground Cover
Image of Nigel Wilhelm inspecting a young oat plant.. Growers should not rely on visible signs of micronutrient deficiencies in crops as symptoms of the most common micronutrient issues are vague and inconsistent... Zinc seed dressings are effective and will supply zinc to the young crop but cannot completely overcome a severe deficiency, nor will they provide benefit in subsequent years...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Identify where the benefits of fluid fertilisers are likely to be significant, in terms of climate, soil type and cropping system... The conclusion is that while there does not appear to be any yield advantage associated with using Flexi-N through the boom, as opposed to urea topdressed prior to sowing, there does appear to be an advantage when it is banded... The freight was approximately $40/tonne, compared to solid fertiliser delivered bulk, which is approximately $20/tonne...
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