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phosphoric acid

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The new age of soil phosphorus testing is.. Extensive testing over recent years and trial analysis this year have demonstrated that the DGT test offers considerable improvement in predicting soil available P levels on many cropping soils in south-eastern Australia... Dr Mason says the DGT test is a plastic device that uses an iron oxide gel as a P sink, which attracts available P through a membrane...
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Identify where the benefits of fluid fertilisers are likely to be significant, in terms of climate, soil type and cropping system... The conclusion is that while there does not appear to be any yield advantage associated with using Flexi-N through the boom, as opposed to urea topdressed prior to sowing, there does appear to be an advantage when it is banded... The freight was approximately $40/tonne, compared to solid fertiliser delivered bulk, which is approximately $20/tonne...
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In the 2014 season there were no significant yield advantages recorded at five sites across upper Eyre Peninsula when using the fungicide products over the nil treatments... Available water capacity computed for each of the specified depth increments.. Depth is inclusive of all regolith...
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