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Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus can be a threat in all environments, and it is recommended that seed be treated with imidicloprid, or crops closely monitored for aphid infestation and sprayed ... In the circumstances using fertilisers that have a higher sulphur content, like MES 10 or Airseeder Superfect, can be beneficial... A fast track project was initiated to demonstrate and evaluate a range of management strategies that Twelve farms were surveyed across the western districts of southern Victoria that were considered suitable as potential trial sites based on grower and adviser recommendations...
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The Update Proceedings Booklet from the Victorian session of the GRDC Grains Research Update for Advisers, held in Ballarat on 5-6 February 2014... Blackleg pod infection, resistance group monitoring and sclerotinia, Steve Marcroft, Marcroft Grains Pathology P/L.. Keep browsing 0 Responses to GRDC Grains Research Update for Advisers (Ballarat, Victoria) 2014..
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