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Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus can be a threat in all environments, and it is recommended that seed be treated with imidicloprid, or crops closely monitored for aphid infestation and sprayed ... In the circumstances using fertilisers that have a higher sulphur content, like MES 10 or Airseeder Superfect, can be beneficial... A fast track project was initiated to demonstrate and evaluate a range of management strategies that Twelve farms were surveyed across the western districts of southern Victoria that were considered suitable as potential trial sites based on grower and adviser recommendations...
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03 5441 6176 03 5444 4299 CAUTION: RESEARCH ON UNREGISTERED PESTICIDE USE Any research with unregistered pesticides or of unregistered products reported in this document does not constitute a recommendation for that particular use by the authors, the authors' organisations or the management committee... If you have a blackleg problem and are growing a susceptible cultivar your first action should be to change to a cultivar with higher levels of resistance... In comparing while many farm decisions are made intuitive versus logical analytical under the influence of a DSS which provide learning reasoning he suggests the either/or approach to on a topic, they are not necessarily used every time the dichotomies is destructive and goes on to say a decision is made...
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