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A high yielding variety with early mid maturity, slightly quicker than Baxter in the north and similar to Ventura in the South Solid Stripe rust resistance package (MR) based on Adult Plant Resistance Good tolerance to Root Lesion Nematodes (P.thornei) (MT-MI) Long Coleoptiles with strong early seedling vigour Market leading grain package with large grain size, low screenings High protein accumulation.. In short season northern areas one irrigation at early pod-fill (early-mid August) may be all that is required... ) a e p d l e fi ( L m 0 5 1 ) a e) pa l do ln ea fic (( LL mm 00 53 13 ) a e) )p)a n nl idio plpn e u ua lfilc (((( LLLL mmmm 0000 5500 1134 ) L / g 0 0 4 ( e t a o h t e m i d ) L / g 0 0 4 ( e t a o h t e m i d ) L / g 0 0 4 ( e t a o h t e m i d d i r p) oL l/ cg a d0 i0 m6 i( y a e w c r n e e p i ))) c u4t 4 4 S S1s 1 1 e p // /z/ y0u 0o0o eqr l1 1m1C l/n / / S r a r 5o 5 5 a DH C e 0 y0F0y I a a -y y y U -r - r pr rB Q0i0si0i ppp I - 000 x Ox x L 4e4 e4e0 Ee,e-,e,0 t5t 5t5 L 6 Ba5a 5a5 o1om1o1 Ah hi h o 333 Wt td t h 111 e ea e c RRR Omnu EmaEmEa LiPi PiP FD(DD(D(G..
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In western NSW moisture seeking canola (sowing seed deeper than 3 cm) in early-mid April into marginal moisture conditions may result in lower plant establishment rates than sowing just prior to or just after a rainfall event... The paper reports on the results of a trial conducted in 2012 to investigate the effect of three times of sowing on yield and oil content of seven canola varieties (hybrid and open pollinated), and evaluates the impact on length of flowering... The 2012 Trangie trial confirmed previous studies that length of flowering period is reduced as time of sowing is delayed, regardless of variety maturity...
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