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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Published by the Department of Primary Industries Grains, February 2011... Limiting inoculum for rust diseases by controlling the green bridge in the previous summer autumn remains important... End use; M = milling, F = feed grain, G = grazing, H = hay Height; D = dwarf, M = medium, T = tall Maturity; E = early, M = mid season, L = late Hectolitre weight; H = heavy, M = medium, L = light Disease resistance; R = resistant, MR = moderately resistant, MS = moderately susceptible, S = susceptible, VS = very susceptible Disease tolerance; T = tolerant, MT = moderately tolerant, MI = moderately intolerant, I = intolerant 30 Victorian Winter Crop Summary..
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The barley industry in eastern and southern Australia is now largely deregulated... No dryland NVT barley trials in southern NSW produced reliable data and so information in this paper is based on results from previous years and from a new GRDC-supported research project "Southern Barley Agronomy", which aims to develop management packages for newly released barley varieties, with emphasis on their adaptation to stubble retention/no-tillage and precision farming systems... Retention values (% by weight retained above a 2.5 mm screen) for (a) Gairdner, (b) Baudin, (c) Buloke and (d) Flagship compared to Schooner in central and southern NSW, 2003-2006...
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