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" GRDC Grains Research Updates 22-23 February 2012, Southern Region, Adelaide SA. Jeff Baldock 19 September 2013 Jeff Baldock, CSIRO Land and Water talks ab out building soil carbon for productivity and carbon accounting... Soil organic carbon is composed of a wide range of different materials with different chemical and physical properties and different extents of decomposition... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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The results of experiments conducted in our PA research program suggest that variations in the soil often explain much of the variation in crop performance... Using Figure 4a as an example, spatial interpolation is used to estimate the yield that would have been achieved from treatment 2 in the strips that actually contained treatment 1, and vice_versa... Interpolation: A term describing a number of mathematical procedures which are used to create continuous map surfaces from values measured at points...
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The CSIRO has discovered an Australian strain of a "mineral-eating" fungus that promises to release nutrients from soil minerals and boost crop yields... The strains that have now been discovered can release nutrients from soil minerals... To date, the major limitation has been the identification and development of strains of Penicillium suited to local soils and environmental conditions...
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