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In recent years, GRDC machinery investment has focused on how machinery works in the farming system... "To date GRDC has invested in machinery in the farming system but not in the development of engineering solutions for specific problems," explains the GRDC"s Martin Blumenthal, manager of agronomy, soils and environment... [Photo (left) by Emma Leonard: Researcher Dr Jack Desbiolles with a selection of stubbleclearers being tested to help reduce blockages with no-till seeding systems.] "Until we really understand how soil moves around a point or disc, and what is happening in the seeding trench, we cannot develop a seeding system that creates the ideal seeding environment," he says...
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In accordance with the traditional research role GRDC has undertaken in other areas of grains industry research and development, GRDC has the opportunity to invest in cutting edge agricultural engineering research to investigate, identify and foster the application of new technologies to be applied to address engineering related issues... Given around half of these subjects are irrigation-related topics not directly related to most of the grains industry, the development of a 12-month post graduate course for mechanical engineers combined with some selective industry placement could encourage more engineering expertise into the grains industry... Please identify two examples of how machinery research and development could make significant improvements for your operation...
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