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Supported by GRDC Grains Research Update for Growers sponsored by.. Having the N isolated from losses due to ammonification, denitrification and leaching means that if the crop really needs the N, it can access it 2014 Lake B o l a c GRDC Grai n s R e s e a rc h U p d a t e f o r G ro w e r s 38 with minimal loss... A fast track project was initiated to demonstrate and evaluate a range of management strategies that Twelve farms were surveyed across the western districts of southern Victoria that were considered suitable as potential trial sites based on grower and adviser recommendations...
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Maximising the nitrogen (N) benefits of rhizobial inoculation.. Inoculation of legumes with rhizobia can deliver substantial N inputs to southern farming systems even when the impact on legume yield is small... Inoculation of legumes with rhizobia is a standard practice...
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Legumes make cane more able.. We look at game-changing research that has turned around the fortunes of cane growers through grains diversification.. "If we were going to integrate legumes into the system we had to marry-up with reduced tillage and controlled traffic, so we did a fair amount of work on-farm to determine 'when, where and why'," Mike says...
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