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Western Australian growers are urged to control summer weeds as soon as possible, even it means getting out the boomspray while completing harvesting programs... Significant rainfall in late spring and summer has triggered widespread germination of weeds and 'volunteers' from the 2011 crop... "By doing it later, valuable moisture and nutrients are lost from the soil, the weeds will be larger and more expensive to kill, and you will have created a 'green bridge' allowing pests and diseases to carry over to the next crop," Mr Burnett said...
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A number of data sets used in this document on water and nitrogen effects of summer fallow weed management have been developed as a part of the GRDC supported Water Use Ef ciency initiative... In the right soil, deep stored soil water can have a water use ef ciency of up to 60 kg of grain/mm of stored water... Early weed control was vital to store and keep valuable subsoil moisture...
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