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Nitrogen fixation activity of legumes is strongly linked to productivity and suppressed by soil nitrate... Data from the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) long-term rotation experiments in northern NSW showed a positive effect of no-tillage on productivity and N2 fixation of both chickpea and fababean (Felton et al. 1998; Marcellos et al. 1998; Herridge et al. 1998)... Nitrate levels for Year 2 are after a 6-month summer fallow and for Year 3 are after an 18-month summer-winter-summer fallow (source: unpublished data of W. Felton, H. Marcellos, D. Herridge, G. Schwenke and M. Peoples)..
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A number of data sets used in this document on water and nitrogen effects of summer fallow weed management have been developed as a part of the GRDC supported Water Use Ef ciency initiative... In the right soil, deep stored soil water can have a water use ef ciency of up to 60 kg of grain/mm of stored water... Early weed control was vital to store and keep valuable subsoil moisture...
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