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resistant wild radish

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The important factors in getting pre-emergent herbicide to work effectively while minimising crop damage are: to understand the position of the weed seeds in the soil; the soil type (particularly amount of organic matter and crop residue on the surface); the solubility of the herbicide; and its ability to be bound by the soil... Weed seeds will most likely absorb herbicide if the herbicide is at or below the seed in the soil profile... Only some of the mutations provide resistance to both groups of herbicides...
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A great proportion of the solutions to our problems are still herbicide based and in the future will lead to other herbicide resistance problems... Paddock screening trials done by DPI, at a known resistance site, showed poor efficacy from group B products but very good results from those products containing group H (Precept and Velocity )... Interim results from the survey work indicate that another two populations have similar tolerances to glyphosate as those discussed above...
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