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developing resistance

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With evolving herbicide resistance, growers need to implement a more diverse range of weed control measures... For many Australian producers, the development of resistance to Group A herbicides has been a key driver to implement integrated weed management strategies... In the Northern grains region, many growers have developed resistance to glyphosate before developing resistance to Group A herbicides...
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Project No.: DAW 672 Paper reviewed by: David Minkey and Abul Hashem Crop Updates is a partnership between the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia and the Grains Research & Development Corporation 20.. The negative impact of Raptor and Spinnaker on herbage production observed in the 4 advanced breeding lines (Crop Updates 2004) was not reflected as lower seed set... Overall, 2,4-D and Gramoxone were the most damaging to legume seed production; this reflected the impact of these treatments on herbage production (Crop Updates 2004)...
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Some populations of the weed are resistant to glyphosate as a result of this herbicide being relied upon repeatedly and almost exclusively for weed control in fallows... An additional range of single and double-knock treatments have been evaluated for fallow control of fleabane across Qld and NSW... Specifics of rate and product have been deleted from the above figure as NONE of the herbicides listed are registered for the control of fleabane...
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Do not assume the resistance status of weeds; have samples tested and be certain.. Survey finds high resistance in samples that were not expected to be resistant.. The fast-track project sought to map resistance to key pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, and measure the ability of growers and advisers to predict the resistance status of their samples...
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