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deep sandy soil

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
KEYMESSAGES During the crop growing season, there was little difference in soil water under annual crop, perennial pasture, and pasture-cropped plots... In the paper, we concentrate on plots in which neutron moisture meter access tubes were installed... Deep drainage beyond a depth of 3.0 m was calculated from rainfall (measured on-site with a tipping-bucket rain gauge), ET 0(Allen et al. 1998) and change in soil moisture storage...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Figure 1. pH indicator highlighting alkaline subsoil, Cadoux, WA, August 2005.. The workshops demonstrated to the growers how knowing the depth of their soil profile, the depth to which crop roots can grow and the presence of barriers to root growth was vital to their understanding of how to manage crops and inputs ... By combining the knowledge gained from soil pits, the information in the soils database and our current knowledge of subsoil constraints, the research team has been able to map and determine the extent of the major subsoil constraints for WA (see Figure 2)...
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