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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Mention of a trade name or company in this publication does not imply endorsement of any product or company by the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia... Overall, yields were generally greater for those plots with effective control of weeds and lower weed biomass at anthesis (Tables 1 and 2)... In summary, metribuzin shows some promise for use pre-emergent in lupins but is not currently registered at this timing...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
There have been several contributing factors to its increased prevalence including: more intensive weed control removing competition and enabling marshmallow to dominate; a reduction of grazing in cropping systems; less cultivation particularly with full cut shears and few cost effective herbicide options (Taylor 2002)... Table 3 shows the significant improvement in marshmallow control when LV Ester 600 is added to glyphosate plus Group G mixes in a trial at Gooroc in 2007... The results in Table 5 indicate that there was no benefit in applying a Group G herbicide with mineral oil in a separate application following an application of glyphosate plus 2,4-D Ester...
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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
The sensitivity of the variety compared to unsprayed controls of the same variety is summarised, using the following symbols based on the yield responses across all trials: not tested or insufficient data no significant yield reductions at higher than recommended rates in (Z) trials.. N (w/z) narrow margin, significant yield reductions at higher than recommended rate, but not at recommended rate significant event occurring w years out of z years tested... (2/5) = tested for 5 years, 2 returning a significant yield loss x% (1/z) yield reduction (warning) significant yield reduction at recommended rate in 1 trial only in z years of testing x-y% (w/z) yield reductions (warning) significant yield reductions at recommended rate in w years out of z years tested...
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