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herbicide spray

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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project was designed to provide growers with information on the herbicide tolerance of new pasture legume species... As part of Project DAW00031, 90 yellow serradella accessions were evaluated for their tolerance to MCPA and metribuzin # across two replicated glasshouse experiments after laboriously extracting 150-250 seeds per accession by hand from pod segments... Initially all the accessions were evaluated for their tolerance to Jaguar, Lexone, MCPA and Tigrex over three experiments...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
A number of data sets used in this document on water and nitrogen effects of summer fallow weed management have been developed as a part of the GRDC supported Water Use Ef ciency initiative... In the right soil, deep stored soil water can have a water use ef ciency of up to 60 kg of grain/mm of stored water... Early weed control was vital to store and keep valuable subsoil moisture...
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