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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
" CIMMYT Alliance.. Genetic maps to fast-track breeding for a drier climate.. An ambitious Mexican wheat and maize program involving Australian researchers is poised to deliver an unprecedented genetics resource to help plant breeders speed up crop improvements...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in our atmosphere will affect almost every aspect of crop production, from nutrition to plant breeding, grain quality and pest and disease threats... The concentration of CO 2 in the atmosphere is just greater than 400 parts per million, and the experiments run by the AGFACE team are exposing crops to concentrations of 550ppm, which is the predicted measure of atmospheric CO 2 by 2050... "We have also found that important micronutrient levels decrease under CO 2 , such as zinc and iron, which could contribute to human malnutrition in areas of the world where access to food is an issue."..
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The program of research for this Chair in Crop Science focused on novel integrated systems modelling approaches for grain crop improvement... Experiments have been conducted in the new lysimetry platform to explore the physiology and genetics of key drought adaptive traits, such as transpiration efficiency and carbohydrate partitioning among organs... Chenu, K., Chapman, S.C., Tardieu, F., McLean, G., Welcker, C., and Hammer, G.L. (2009) Simulating the yield impacts of organ-level quantitative trait loci associated with drought response in maize - A "gene-to-phenotype" modeling approach...
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