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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Identify where the benefits of fluid fertilisers are likely to be significant, in terms of climate, soil type and cropping system... The conclusion is that while there does not appear to be any yield advantage associated with using Flexi-N through the boom, as opposed to urea topdressed prior to sowing, there does appear to be an advantage when it is banded... The freight was approximately $40/tonne, compared to solid fertiliser delivered bulk, which is approximately $20/tonne...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The mechanisms responsible for effectiveness of fluid fertilisers in calcareous soils, and the ineffectiveness of granular P, were identified chemically and spectroscopically... Field experiments on calcareous and non-calcareous soils in the Victorian Wimmera and Mallee regions have also shown that fluid fertilisers can improve grain yields on these soil types, although the magnitude of grain responses were usually smaller than on the highly calcareous soils in South Australia... There is a growing demand for information on fluid fertilisers and their use in cropping in Australia, as demonstrated by the increasing hits to the fluid fertiliser website, and the growth in circulation of the Fluid Newsletter, and the popularity of the Fluid Workshop held in 2004...
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