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faba bean variety

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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Faba beans are grown in two major regions in Australia, the Mediterranean-type environment of the Southern Region and the sub-tropical environment of northern New South Wales (NSW)... Recent surveys and trials have demonstrated that cercospora is now widely established throughout the Southern Region and can result in significant yield reduction... In both 2009 and 2010 a significant level of seed staining due to pea seedborne mosaic virus occurred and seed samples were assessed for incidence and severity of staining...
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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
BeAnS Variety State of origin Year of Commercial partner/ Royalty Maximum quality Comments registration licensee Farah SA 2003 Heritage Seeds EPR $3.00 Fie grade 1 Tested as 483/3 Fiesta VF SA 1998 Heritage Seeds No PBR or royalty Fie grade 1 Nura SA 2005 Seednet EPR $3.30 Fie grade 1 PBA Kareema SA 2009 PGG Wrightson EPR $4.00 Broad bean PBA Rana SA 2011 Seednet EPR $3.85 New category Tested as 974*(611*974)/15-1 PBA Samira SA 2014 Seednet EPR $3.50 Fie grade 1 Tested as AF05069 All the varieties listed above are PBR varieties or have 'commercial marketing arrangements' and seed of these varieties cannot be sold, traded or given away, nor can it be 'traded over the fence' without the authorisation of the owners or licensee... In shorter growing seasons, PBA Monarch may have larger and more consistent seed size than other medium sized varieties due to its earlier pod filling timing... Genesis Kalkee has the largest seed size of all commercial kabuli types and is more able to meet the size requirements of premium high valued markets...
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