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livestock income

Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
The financial and productivity performance of a group of 242 farms over the period 2002 to 2011 has been analysed... All farms increased their wealth most eroded their percentage equity and now carry more debt... When farms were further categorised on the basis of farm type and performance category we found that all three types of farms contained growing businesses but a higher proportion of crop specialists were growing and a higher proportion of farms in this enterprise category were also less secure...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
For example, in the 1990s a Victorian Mallee dryland farm typically invested $300,000 to generate income of $400,000... In 2016 it is expected that investment will be $900,000 to produce income of $1 million (see Ground Cover , May-June 2015 )... By having MPCI over this nine-year period, Farm 1 has increased income by $156,000 after allowing for premium costs...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Increased grower skills and confidence through capacity building have resulted in best management practices being applied to farming systems... There is a need for continual validation of research results to provide growers with confidence to accept these into their farming systems, particularly in times when lack of finances and poor seasons are constraints... More recent research has been carried out in Project RSS00001: Farming Systems improvement in the Upper North of South Australia 2006-2008...
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