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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The aim of the project was to provide industry with research results that would enable it to clearly understand the flow of benefits from, and the beneficiaries of, its investments in herbicide use R&D and help inform priority setting by GRDC in future investment in research into the effective and efficient use of herbicides... Benefits to growers, chemical companies and consumers were estimated for eight case studies of hypothetical research projects across four categories of herbicide-use research and development (R&D)... Any possibility of private investment by chemical companies can be discounted for the types of herbicide use R&D evaluated in this study because the ex ante benefit:cost ratio that accounts for risk about R&D outcomes would be even smaller...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
For example the spill-ins with germplasm arise through our collaborations in wheat and pulses with the publically-funded centres like CIMMYT, ICARDA and ICRISAT, and in canola we have an excellent example in the private sector with Canola Breeders WA and.. Falling public investments now are a worry, especially as our private ones in R and D are low (but increasing somewhat)... Recruitment and education of new agricultural scientists and farm decision makers is an important part of competitiveness, something about which time doesn't permit more discussion, except to say I think WA does pretty well at this...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
P4/S9 and P2/S4 were the two most profitable sequences and, overall, the 'maximum profit - P4' philosophy had the highest mean gross margin... It is logical that those growers that have chosen to have no livestock will have no interest in trialling grazing crops... Overall, the data has indicated that for the biserrula inoculant all of the carrier's have difficulties in carrying enough live rhizobia numbers to adequately nodulate the legume hosts after 3-4 months of dry, hot soil...
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