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Without P fertiliser addition, continuous cropping caused a decline of 55%, 35% and 10% in total P from the 0-10, 10-30 and 30-60 cm layers respectively, compared to an uncropped reference soil... Previous work has shown that an index calculated as (Colwell-P/PBI) is highly correlated with immediately available P across a wide range of Queensland soils... The results suggest that Colwell-P is probably a good indicator of P availability in the surface soil during crop establishment (and useful to diagnose the need for starter P) whereas BSES-P is probably a better indicator of subsoil P reserves that are accessed by the crop later in the growing season...
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If opening rains arrive early in the season, it may be advisable to sow the crop seven to 10 days after these rains - as results show that microbial activity remains high at this time, helping in suppression of the disease... Results of our experiments conducted during this project will help in understanding the behaviour of R. solani AG-8 under different soil environments and its interaction with rate of root growth and microbial activity in the development of disease... Our results will also help in the prediction of disease in a season on basis of timing and amount of opening rains...
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