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wheat variety trial

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Catalogue: Online Farm Trials
Not specified.. To compare the performance of new wheat varieties and lines against the current industry standards.. Available water capacity computed for each of the specified depth increments..
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Root-lesion nematodes ( Pratylenchus thornei and Pratylenchus neglectus ) are persistent, destructive pests that invade and damage the roots of susceptible crops causing yield losses... A four-year crop rotation experiment on a P. thornei infested site showed that the yields of a susceptible wheat variety are affected by crops grown three years previously... Glasshouse experiments in the previous Cropping Options project showed that for wheat, resistance and tolerance to P. thornei is not necessarily indicative of resistance or tolerance to P. neglectus , and that some grain sorghum varieties also appeared susceptible to P. neglectus ...
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