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annual ryegrass control

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The members, including an agronomist, heard first-hand about the research and developments that have been taking place in the fight against herbicide resistance... Local growers need to look at the experiences of other growers from further afield, including those internationally, in order to employ the best herbicide and mechanical strategies possible to manage their own herbicide resistance problems... Learn how herbicide resistance is being dealt with internationally and in other parts of Western Australia (WA) and understand how growers can adopt relevant strategies into their farming systems...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Disc seeding system design and settings, including operating and sowing depths and travel speed, all appear to influence behaviour of pre-emergence herbicides and can play a critical role in minimising crop damage... The use of residue managers ahead of single disc blade openers has shown to significantly improve the level of crop safety... Preliminary results from trials undertaken last year showed that disc seeding system setup also has a critical role in the level of wheat crop damage from pre-emergence herbicides...
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