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cercospora leaf spot

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The aim of the survey was to identify the incidence and severity of the major diseases of faba bean during late winter, with particular focus on cercospora leaf spot and its significance to industry and the frequency of occurrence compared to the major diseases, ascochyta leaf spot and chocolate spot... Sample plants were assessed for three diseases; ascochyta leaf spot, cercospora leaf spot and chocolate spot... Initial results indicate the prevalence and severity of cercospora leaf spot in crops is strongly linked to the rotation history of faba beans in that paddock, with long term plantings of faba beans on close rotation (3-5 years) posing the greatest risk of high disease establishment due to soil-borne disease carry-over...
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Published: May 2012 ISBN: 978-1-921779-19-0 In submitting this report, the researchers have agreed to the GRDC publishing this material in its edited form... Incidence is 40 per_cent frequency in 25 per_cent of the area, so that the average incidence of the disease affecting the crop is 10 per_cent... Eighteen, including all the fungal diseases, of the 21 diseases surveyed were reported as present on lentils in the 8.3 Diseases of lentils Southern Region and in Australia...
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The faba bean is one of the major pulse crops in the Southern Region and has potential for expansion in the Western Region... The breeding program has developed a large pool of material that combines resistance to ascochyta blight and chocolate spot, and lines with high yield potential have been identified... Improved faba bean varieties, released during project UA00079, or released from breeding lines developed, evaluated and multiplied during this project, will benefit the cropping industries in the higher rainfall districts of the Southern and Western Regions through: higher and more reliable yields improved levels of disease resistance leading to lower costs of production and reduced management inputs improved marketability due to improved seed quality greater sustainability of the farming system due to increased inclusion of faba beans in rotations...
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