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grazing pressure

Catalogue: GRDC Publications
The benefits improve crop health and crop competitive ability against weeds and the effectiveness of pre-emergent herbicides... When used as a post-emergent product, little of the herbicide gets to the roots and the control of established weeds is often very poor... benefits arise when the weed is prevented from setting seed as there are no increases to the seedbank and, as a consequence, fewer weeds in the future...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Identical to Herald strand medic but with the addition of excellent tolerance to SU herbicides applied 4 to 12 months before sowing... Effect of SU herbicide applied in January and February at 0, 50 & 100% of suggested summer rates, (metsulfuron methyl - 3.5 & 7g/ha of product triasulfuron - 9 & 18 g/ha) on the dry matter production of Angel and Herald sown four months later at a low rainfall alkaline soil site on Eyre Peninsula... The options for controlling weeds in the pasture phase for Angel are essentially the same as for other medics...
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