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non saline soil

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The aim of the investigation was to assess the infectivity and the subsequent effect of salinity on mycorrhizal fungal communities in a saline environment... That there was no difference in total mycorrhizal root length between the non-saline and moderately saline treatment at week 15 could also suggest that the mycorrhizas were able to germinate and colonise roots at some salt levels, highlighting a degree of tolerance... The results of the experiment have demonstrated that the mycorrhizal fungi at this field site display low infectivity at high salinity levels but do express a degree of salt tolerance at lower saline levels...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The rationale for the project was an increasing awareness that subsoil salinity is an underlying constraint to cereal production in many regions of southern Australia... Growers will have access to salt-tolerant cultivars of wheat and barley that will enable them to make more informed choices to improve the productivity and reliability of crop yields in salt-affected land... The three general mechanisms of salt tolerance in wheat and barley are the exclusion of salt, the tolerance of high internal salt concentrations in leaves ("tissue tolerance") and the tolerance of high external salt concentrations in the soil ("osmotic stress tolerance")...
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