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barley grass control

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Field trials undertaken over the last 4 years have investigated various pre-emergence herbicides for brome grass control in wheat... In a recent survey by Fleet and Gill (2008), farmers in low rainfall districts in South Australia and Victoria reported increasing incidence of barley grass in their crops... In the paper we will report results of studies undertaken to develop management strategies for brome and barley grass...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Several field studies were undertaken in SA and WA to identify promising herbicides for the control of barley grass in wheat... After barley grass was confirmed to be increasing on SA and WA farms, laboratory studies were undertaken to determine the reasons for this trend... The project was designed to identify weeds that were emerging as a threat to productivity of grain crops in SA and WA and to undertake studies to determine underlying reasons for their increasing incidence...
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