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gridded station datum

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The project has illustrated and quantified the historical variability associated with several climate products that are important to the Australian agriculture sector... The best methods for making the project outputs available are to be finalised, but suggestions include: via Climate Kelpie via something similar to, or an extension of, FutureWise working with Econnect Communication (, or a similar company, to liaise with the Climate Champions program to determine which formats and ways of disseminating the information emerging from this project are most useful working directly with the Climate Champions in a similar way to how the Bureau of Meteorology(BoM) Water and the Land (WATL, products are evaluated against user preferences via 'CliMate' - David Freebairn's 'Climate Analyser' tool... The project has illustrated and quantified, across Australia and for nine targeted grain growing regions, the climate variability that is already experienced and needs to be taken into account as part of climate risk management...
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