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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The new knowledge and protocols developed in this project are already showing their value and benefiting research outcomes of legume improvement programs in Australia... It is recommended that all accessions of this species are evaluated for desirable traits in Australia... The objective of the project was to develop protocols, based on tissue culture technology, to access desirable genes in chickpea's wild relatives...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
The ICARDA -Australia crop protection project for pulses involves an ongoing exchange of pulse lines that have been bred at ICARDA, developed further in Australia and returned to ICARDA as agronomically-improved material for further development such as disease resistance... In the chickpea program, which has already resulted in several recently-released varieties with resistance to ascochyta blight, ICARDA is working with the Department of Primary Industries Victoria (DPI) at Horsham and the centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA) in Perth to screen chickpea breeding material for Fusarium wilt... Dr Bayaa explains that suitable germplasm and/or breeding material identified first at ICARDA is sent to CLIMA, the Victorian DPI, NSW DPI at Tamworth and the University of Adelaide. "..
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
To prevent ascochyta infection, a first Bravo at 1.5 L/ha (chlorothalonil) spray was applied on 14 July and the following 3 applications were done at 3 week intervals... Pre-emergent metribuzin application at 210 g a.i/ha caused no significant yield reduction in all the three chickpea varieties (Table 2), confirming that 210 g a.i/ha metribuzin was safe to use as pre-emergent on these chickpea varieties... The Kabuli chickpea line IG 96220 registered no significant grain yield loss when metribuzin applied post-emergent at rates from 56 to 225 g/ha whilst the standard variety Moti suffered 35% grain yield loss at 225 g a.i/ha rate (Table 2)...
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