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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Historically agricultural advisory services have been delivered by government agencies; this has changed with more than 2,300 private sector crop advisers spread across all states... Increased use and capacity of technology will impact the future of agricultural advisory services; with 'recipe farming' fast developing oversees... A recent survey of private sector crop advisers in Australia identified that approximately two thirds are retail advisers, working for a chemical, fertiliser or seed company or retail outlets...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
To help meet the challenges of managing business risk and generating profits in the complex environment of growing grain, growers can benefit from access to an innovative, reliable information service to better understand the key performance trends of their business... Decisions regarding cost expenditure are typically made without regard to how they will impact on budgeted income... Configuring the output report format is critical in order to maintain grower interest and not over-expose them to too much data analysis information...
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