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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
FINAL REPORT DAW00032: Improving weed management with biserrula in the pasture phase of WA cropping systems - Dr Clinton Revell, DAFWA.. In October, the biserrula treatment had higher legume content (FOO and % of total) than the other treatments except for the subclover treatment, which had a non-significant difference in the legume % (Table 10)... At the end of the growing season in 2003 there appeared to be preferential grazing by the sheep resulting in the biserrula-based pasture having the highest legume content and lowest grass and broadleaf content...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Prior to sowing wheat in April, clods will be collected from the same, GPS located sites and scanned for soil structural properties using tomography and SCAMP. Soil moisture and NDVI will be monitored before a yield map is generated that will be compared to the original LRI map for any relationship between livestock presence and grain yield... The extent of change in porosity in clods collected from 10-20cm depth (the depth at which livestock compaction is typically observed) shows no relationship between Livestock residence and clod porosity (Figure 4)... Livestock residence index and porosity of clods collected from 20 sites ranging from low to high LRI..
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