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Catalogue: Grains Notes DEPI VIC
Balansa has good levels of hard seed which allow balansa clover to regenerate well after a season of cropping... Mid and late maturing varieties of balansa clover are commercially available, and this range allows the species to be grown in areas receiving between 350 and 800 mm of annual rainfall... Balansa clover grows best in monoculture; good performance with perennial grasses or short-lived ryegrass has been reported...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
FINAL REPORT DAW00032: Improving weed management with biserrula in the pasture phase of WA cropping systems - Dr Clinton Revell, DAFWA.. In October, the biserrula treatment had higher legume content (FOO and % of total) than the other treatments except for the subclover treatment, which had a non-significant difference in the legume % (Table 10)... At the end of the growing season in 2003 there appeared to be preferential grazing by the sheep resulting in the biserrula-based pasture having the highest legume content and lowest grass and broadleaf content...
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