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untreated soil

Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
In summary, composts in soil management programmes (for horticulture): x Reduce nutrient leaching and consequent effects on water bodies... In summary, organic agriculture can provide yields similar to conventional agriculture using natural farm inputs in place of chemical fertilisers and sprays... The rots should be able to be minimised through good field practices, chemical control, gentle washing of carrots and keeping them cool and wet at all times...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Plants sown into H2-treated soil accumulated 10-30% more shoot biomass and grain yield than plants grown in untreated soil... Calculations based on project field measurements of H2 emissions from nodules formed by HUP- rhizobial strains suggested the release of H2 into soil was equivalent to 150,000-225,000 litres per hectare over the life of legume crops fixing 125-200kgN/ha under Australian conditions... Based on the nodule load (0.25g dry weight/plant), rate of H2 evolution measured in the field and plant population, it was calculated that 225,000L of H2/ha was released into the soil over the life of the USDA442 HUP- soybean crop...
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