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plant biomass

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Prior to this study and contrary to the situation in wheat, the physiological basis of the relationship between plant height and grain yield was poorly understood in sorghum... Physiological determinants of plant growth such as biomass accumulation, partitioning between various plant organs, phenology, canopy dynamics, radiation and water use efficiencies and photosynthetic capacity were measured on an individual plant basis... As the present study was restricted to three genetic backgrounds and one major dwarfing gene, it is conceivable that assessments of other major dwarfing genes in different genetic backgrounds relevant to current breeding efforts may further improve an understanding of the relationship between plant height and grain yield and aid in the development of sorghum germplasm with increased yield potential...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The goal of the UAV is to provide another Precision Technology tool to growers in the decision making process to identify better management practices that achieve higher yield and profit outcomes for growers... The UAV will be another component of precision technology that most growers are already using such as yield mapping, EM surveys, satellite NDVI imagery, and will be used in conjunction, not necessarily as a replacement... If there is a variation in plant biomass or plant health in a specific area and there is a need to quantify the extent of the issue, then the UAV should be able to help identify the issue and aid in the decision making process for the appropriate action...
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