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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
P4/S9 and P2/S4 were the two most profitable sequences and, overall, the 'maximum profit - P4' philosophy had the highest mean gross margin... It is logical that those growers that have chosen to have no livestock will have no interest in trialling grazing crops... Overall, the data has indicated that for the biserrula inoculant all of the carrier's have difficulties in carrying enough live rhizobia numbers to adequately nodulate the legume hosts after 3-4 months of dry, hot soil...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
3. Last season's crop - The user selects from a drop-down list the crop that was last grown in the paddock and inserts the yield, protein (in the case of bread wheat, durum and barley) and amount of fertiliser N applied... As already mentioned, grain yields are calculated on the basis of WUEs with the amount of water available to the crop estimated from recent and historical rainfall records and, in some cases, push-probe testing... Potential grain yields for the other crops were calculated by multiplying the potential wheat yields by constants - 1.05 for durum, 1.33 for barley, 0.50 for canola, 0.64 for chickpea and 0.80 for fababean...
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